Our Mission

To help the world achieve more, faster and fairer.

Never-ending paper trails, vital information that seems to disappear, and fraud that goes undetected for years - we’ve heard it all. Couple this with a rapidly evolving world facing record high temperatures, growing refugee populations, and extreme weather events and these problems are only aggravated. At Response, we’re building tools to help the world achieve more -- faster and fairer.

After building products to help thousands of people in their own communities, co-founders Kais, Keivan, and Nolan met while studying at Cornell University. They decided to use their backgrounds to build a product designed to help their global community.

They spent over a year working with procurement professionals in over 30 countries to pinpoint key procurement challenges in environments ranging from Ebola outbreaks to Civil Wars. Understanding these challenges couldn’t just come from conversations, so they assembled a team of software engineers, product designers, and dreamers dedicated to creating a world where paperwork never again gets in the way of delivering lifesaving aid to the people who need it most.