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Launch sourcing events faster

Whether you're looking to collaborate with a global team, write more accurate specifications, or take advantage of powerful templates, do it with a platform built specifically for humanitarian sourcing.

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Collaborate on one live version.

Working on the same project at the same time makes it easy for global teams to stay in sync. Whether you're out in the field or at the office, you'll always have access to the latest version.

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Build it all with reusable components.

With Response, projects are more than just letters and words. Reuse info, forms, and specifications from across your organization, turning multiple teams into one.

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Start from templates to save time.

Whatever event type you're running, get a head start with a wide variety of pre-made templates customized to your organization and the product you're purchasing.

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Basic Information
Define the project description, deadlines, and other critical pieces of information.
Add custom events, public or visible just to the team. You can even schedule projects for a future date.
Scope of Work
Give your bidders the information they need to respond with what you want.
From images to technical specifications, list exactly what needs to be purchased.

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Receive standardized bids online

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Evaluate Quickly

Compare side-by-side, anywhere

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