Lifesaving Procurement

Response solves key procurement challenges with a sourcing platform built for and with humanitarian organizations.

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Humanitarian Sourcing, Made Faster and Fairer

Response's sourcing platform was made with the help of over 100 humanitarian procurement professionals like you. Meet our Digital Procurement Officer, designed to deliver more efficient, compliant, and effective sourcing. Here's how:

Accelerate Evaluation

Response uses your purchase requests to automatically generate bid-offer forms and vendor questionnaires. Bids can be evaluated instantly, reducing time and pressure on your procurement committees.

Democratize Procurement

Response is easily adapted by partners, enforcing consistent procurement standards across your operations. They'll be able to meet requirements and you'll benefit from increased transaction transparency across organizations.

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Standardize Criteria

Response pulls together specifications and evaluation criteria from the world's leading humanitarian organizations. Even with tight timelines, universal access will lead to higher supplier relevancy and response quality.

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