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Our Mission

We’re organizing the world’s inventory - making it universally accessible and useful.

The Response Timeline

Our Story

Ancient History (To Us)

We spent years working with nonprofits as consultants, helping them transform old-school, pen-and-paper procurement processes into simple online workflows. In that time, we worked with hundreds of procurement experts in over 50 countries and developed a deep understanding of what it means to purchase at scale – efficiently and ethically.

Three people at an aidex convention
Three people at an aidex convention

2020 - 2021

In the midst of the global pandemic, our founders leveraged their experience to help nurses across the country confidently navigate the wild west of healthcare procurement. But as the vaccine rolled out, organizations started to reach out for help purchasing everything else. This was the beginning of Response as we know it today.

A woman wearing scrubs and a mask
A woman wearing scrubs and a mask

2022 - 2023

Whether you are buying $30M in food aid, 2,000 medical face masks, or warehouse supplies, the fundamental problem is the same: buyers and sellers don’t have enough info about the other side of the equation. To help businesses purchase all the supplies they need, our team built the world’s largest catalog of industrial supplies with over 20 million SKUs.

Two people in a warehouse, smiling at the camera
Two people in a warehouse, smiling at the camera


After extensive testing with warehouse teams in over 25 states - ranging from single facility startups to public companies with dozens of fulfillment centers - we officially exited beta. Here’s to the next chapter: scale.

A top-down view showing a shipping yard, with hundreds of shipping containers in sight
A top-down view showing a shipping yard, with hundreds of shipping containers in sight
People Behind the Product
Meet the Team
headshot photo of Keivan Shahida
Keivan Shahida
Co-Founder & CEO
headshot photo of Kais Baillargeon
Kais Baillargeon
headshot photo of Timon Gribbin
Timon Gribbin
Founding BDR
headshot photo of Justin Ziniel
Justin Ziniel
FND. Data Scientist
headshot photo of Renato de Vito Castro
Renato de Vito Castro
Infrastructure Engineer
headshot photo of Jessica Collis
Jessica Collis
FND. Devops Engineer
headshot photo of Zachary Williams
Zachary Williams
FND. Frontend Engineer
Tried & True

Our Values

Keep it free

We’re committed to keeping our core platform free and accessible to as many warehouse teams as possible.

Remove no suppliers

We’ll never remove a supplier or manufacturer from our catalog without a court order, unless the party ceases to exist due to acquisition or insolvency, or removal is in the best interests of our customers.

Exclude no supplier

We’ll never exclude any supplier or manufacturer from our catalog for any reason, as long as warehouse teams can reasonably make use of their products or services.

Keep pricing private

Response will never share, display, or make public your pricing between any supplier (distributor or manufacturer) and buying entity, even if de-identified or aggregated. Displayed supplier-specific pricing shall be limited to the one set of prices a given buyer already has access to.

Put customers first

Running a warehouse is hard but purchasing shouldn’t have to be. Our strategic decisions will always put the customer first and strive to make purchasing as easy as flipping a light switch.

Show the data

We’ll provide buyers with as much data and unbiased product information as possible, so long as such data is legal and ethical to possess, to aid them in making good purchasing decisions that help their businesses.

Use data responsibly

We’ll use aggregated data responsibly to improve each buyer’s experience on Response and for the good of the community. Response will never share personally identifiable or pricing data with any third party for any reason without explicit permission.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Backed by amazing investors, founders, and builders.

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