Response is organizing the world’s inventory – making it universally accessible and useful.


We’re a Y Combinator-backed startup that’s powered procurement for teams of all sizes – from startups to publicly-traded companies.

Our team has spent years relentlessly focused on understanding the biggest challenges facing B2B purchasing.

We started off learning about these challenges in the humanitarian sector, building enterprise software to help procurement teams automate the tendering process.

When the COVID-19 crisis hit the world, we dropped everything to help, giving our technology to healthcare teams so they could quickly source life-saving PPE.

For a time, we even became procurement officers ourselves – providing our services (and up to 30% in savings) to other high-growth startups.

It was ultimately through those experiences and our perseverance to solve procurement’s most fundamental challenge that we reached today’s solution: a single store to purchase from all your vendors.

— Kais, Keivan, and Nolan, Co-founders @ Response

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Nolan Gray

Co Founder

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Keivan Shahida

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Kais Baillargeon

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